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Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging is a subsidiary of a major industrial group with headquarters in Brittany, France and designs, develops and manufactures plastic packaging items from 15 ml to 225l in size.
We offer a wide and complete range of more than 1,000 references of bottles, large and small, cans, barrels and drums.

Domaines d'application

L’activité d’Agriplas est répartie sur plus d’une dizaine de marchés clients. Leurs développements et leurs saisonnalités, inscrits sur des rythmes différents, nous permettent de conserver en permanence une activité équilibrée et une dynamique de développement.

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Notre histoire

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  • 1988
    Creation of AGRIPLAS
  • 1996
    Acquisition of U-PLAST activities (F-74)
  • 1997
    AGRIPLAS move from St-Malo to Dinard, the current site
  • 2001
    Opening of the new Bellegarde s/Valserine plant (F01)
  • 2016
    Acquisition of Sotralentz Packaging activities

Internal laboratory

Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging is an innovative company with all the skills needed to develop, from design to industrialisation, customised packaging (bottles of all sizes, jerrycans, barrels, drums, containers) by blowing extrusion and injection.

The company has its own design office with a team of designers and engineers who develop and produce ergonomic packaging items in different colours and sizes for the European market.

Turn-key packaging

The core values of Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging are attentiveness, responsiveness, innovation and eco-design, a true commitment which guides our work every day and allows us to meet the specific needs of the chemical, food processing, household products industries as well as those of healthcare and the oil business.

Eco- design

Our industrial packaging is “UN” certified, complies with the recommendations of the UNO and meets the ADR/RID/IMDG regulations in force. Our commitment to eco-design offers solutions for the collection and recycling of (IBC) containers in Europe.

As a specialist in the transformation of plastic materials for more than 30 years, since its creation, Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging’s main concern is to comply with safety standards.

Quality packaging

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    Apave BVT homologation
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    Child proof approval
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    Complies with derived modal regulations (RID, ADR, IATA, IMDG code)
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    Complies with FDA requirements
  • un-certification The company
    Complies with UN recommendations
  • IBE_BVI The company
  • BV_Certification_ISO 9001-2015 The company
    ISO 9001-2015

Où sommes-nous ?

The company


Domaines d'application



      Afin de mieux répondre au besoin de chaque client et de chaque industrie, nous offrons un large éventail de couleurs et d’options, incluant le type de système de fermeture

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