Career opportunities at Agriplas

After 30 years of existence, Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging still continues to develop and innovate.
Our challenge? Serving our customers to meet all their needs.
Each year, we hire many employees in the framework of our business. By joining us, you will become part of our teams composed of diverse profiles and skills and work with people who are passionate about their jobs.

Why not come and work with us ?

You can plan your future! We know that the men and women of Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging are at the heart of our success.

Join us and benefit from motivating and personalised coaching adapted to your skills and ambitions. Our guidelines:

  •  Identifying potentials,
  • Helping them to express themselves,
  • Giving them the means to fulfil their goals.

Through training and coaching, we will help you develop your professional skills and build a career to fulfil your ambitions. The confidence we have in each of our employees is based on our HR policy and is our key to success.

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Join us !

At Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging, human values are a daily concern. Our employees take part in stimulating projects and are players in their personal development.

  • Our culture of openness,
  • Our passion for the job,
  • Our spirit of entrepreneurship,

provide excellent opportunities for development and personal and professional success.

At Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging, each team member is an upstanding asset to our strategy.

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Career opportunities at Agriplas


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      Afin de mieux répondre au besoin de chaque client et de chaque industrie, nous offrons un large éventail de couleurs et d’options, incluant le type de système de fermeture

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